Longer is better

The modern technological world is all about faster and smaller these days. New acronyms pop-up daily. It’d probably be an understatement saying an average technology related sentence contains at least 3 abbreviation of some kind, be it an acronym or just a simple abbreviation. It’s deeply embedded in us, there’s no running away from it. We are so used to it, we normally don’t even recognize an abbreviation when we see it. They are just normal words for us.

I really like exploiting this when I’m bored or when I’m writing long official documents, especially those I don’t want to write. Instead of talking or writing like every other human being on the planet, I expand every possible abbreviation to the longest form available. It drives people nuts. Not only do they need to read more, they need to think longer and reabbreviate the words. Some expansions, people don’t even recognize and have to come back for an explanation.

That’s the time abbreviations become a total absurd – when people don’t even know the original meaning. Then you get redundant definitions like YWMT (sounds better in Hebrew) which stands for yellow white marking tape. No one knows or cares the W in WMT stands for white. WMT is just a marking tape for everybody. So when in need of an abbreviation for a yellow marking tape, it’s just called yellow WMT or YWMT.

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