Color practice

Red lightOn the way home today, I passed through several crosswalks. It was late, I was hungry, the bus was already waiting in the station and I missed every green light by a few seconds. Four good enough reasons for good old jaywalking, but I decided to be a good boy and wait. But it was worth it. When standing in the long line for the bus, with a recently acquired sandwich in my hand, I looked back and saw two cops come out of a rented car (illegally) parked right next to the last crosswalk I passed and start talking to two guys who failed the color test.

3 thoughts on “Color practice

  1. Very good, Szekely! This is just the kind of behavior one would expect from you, keeping your new status in mind (personal example and stuff)..

    BTW, very nice blog!

    See ya,

  2. What’s not clear, TheOdds? I had all the reasons to jaywalk, but I didn’t. It turned out that was for the best because the cops were waiting on the crosswalk, in a disguise.

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