Triple double U

Since around 1995, I’ve been using the web in one way or another. At those days, I would had been amazed to even notice the slightest proof of recognition on a face in response to the word modem. Today, on the other hand, I can’t walk on the street without hearing or seeing something related to the internet. Despite its ever growing popularity, it still carries with it a distinct odor of technology.

Just the other day, I embarked upon a quest for retrieving information on an everyday object with which I could extend my knowledge. What would later seem obvious caught me by surprise when, lucky as I may have felt, searching Google for apple resulted in what can only be described as an horrific synthesis of metallic, glossy and white alloys of plastic and aluminum; and not the sought sweet and divine composite of texture, taste and aroma I had expected. Quickly I realized my mistake and, not feeling lucky anymore, I commenced on a far less ambitious journey in the depths of the search results to find my craved fruit.

For all of those innocent souls out there looking for the tasty fruit like myself, allow me to dedicate this post and donate my page rank to 1up the original apple. Link by link, the web shall one day become humane.

One thought on “Triple double U

  1. Looking for something in the internet to eat is hard.
    Especially fresh fruit, try the market i think you´d be luckier.

    But who knows maybe in the future we will be feeding of the internet
    apples are just the begining.

    We already are i guess , right about now.

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