Russian Conversation Synthesizer

Inspired by our dear friend Ilya, my friend Ron has engineered a little Python script to simulate Russian phone chats with a little help from Microsoft Sam. Ron has slaved over this task for a whole grueling 5 minutes. We proudly named our magnificent product RCS – Russian Conversation Synthesizer.

Not for the faint of heart…

import random
import win32com.client

speak = win32com.client.Dispatch('Sapi.SpVoice')
speak.Volume = 100
speak.Rate = 6
speak.Voice = speak.GetVoices('Name=Microsoft Sam').Item(0)

while True:
  speak.Speak(random.choice(["blat", "huui", "suukkaa"]))

This lovely script would typically generate an authentic conversation such as:

suukkaa blat blat huui blat suukkaa

3 thoughts on “Russian Conversation Synthesizer

  1. ‘espeak -v ru’ doesn’t sound too russian either (maybe there exists some updated version), but finnish might sound more russian:
    (although i speak neither russian nor finnish ;))

    while true; do echo -e “blat blat blat huui huui huui suukkaa suukkaa suukkaa” | tr ‘ ‘ “n”| shuf | tr “n” ‘ ‘ | espeak -v fi; done

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