Welcome to the 90’s

I don’t usually watch television, but in those short yet so satisfying fixes that I do score, there are always those pesky commercials. For the life of me, I don’t know why, but those are even more addictive. They always find new ways to grab your attention. While watching Friends the other day, a commercial for mortgage came up. It was pretend news cast staring miss I know best G. Yafit (sorry, Hebrew only). In her ever so nice voice, she recommended I get my mortgage done at some bank I don’t even remember. I think it had orange in its logo…

Like gorillas in the background, hands of a great card hustler, or new researches about how eating X will get you great Y, I’m all too used to ignore these commercials. But this particular commercial took me by surprise. Our dear old friend, Yafit, urged me to call right now and get my mortgage at 1-800-MORTGAGE. A toll-free number with letters after it! I was so shocked I had to wait for the second time the commercial was aired in the same short pause for commercials, just to see it again.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is an historic event. For the first time in my life, I’ve seen letters used in a phone number in Israel. We have reached the 90’s! And not just any plain old letters, they were actually in Hebrew (משכנתא). The future is here and I can’t be any more thrilled. Cars, color TVs and maybe even 8mb SDSL are just around the corner. Oh, joy!

The great outdoors

Beach timeStargate is off for “fall break”. Seasons of 4400, The Shield and House have all ended. Nothing to watch on TV anymore. Well, except for the news, but that show has been airing reruns for so long it’s arguably laughable. Now and then they find something semi-new, like the latest Thai coup. But overall, it’s almost always the same episodes over and over again.

If already on the subject, does the completion of “Carter & McKay’s intergalactical bridge” mean SG-1 will finally see some digital stargates? And is it just me or 4400 is becoming more and more X-men’ish with each passing episode? Too bad for Kenny Johnson, I think he really liked the first episode…

Well, more time for rest & recreation or beer & beach I guess… Too bad summer is on the brink of destruction almost over.

It’s raining stuff

Someone linked to this cool video on IRC. The first thing I thought of when I saw the first object fall into the glass is Magnolia. More specifically, that last scene where frogs fall from the sky. I think that was a good movie, I don’t actually remember… I guess I’d have to watch it again.

Then, when I tried to figure out what exactly it was that fell from the sky, I immediately thought of shotgun shells. I imagined it’d be an anti-war or gun proliferation movie because of the context. Mini Lord of War, if you wish. How pessimistic of me.

The end reminded me of the Good Idea / Bad Idea sketches from Animaniacs, which led me to a complete list of the sketches. That was a good show. Narf! 🙂

Anyway, here’s the video.