Knowing you’re bored #157

The other day, I found myself holding the N key in guidgen, trying to exhaust all 340282366920938463463374607431768211456 GUIDs. I didn’t count, but I think I got to around a 1000 GUIDs so far… I was just that bored. I guess I was hoping for a cool “OUT OF GUIDS” BSOD or something.

Press the N key


Welcome to my blog. I’m Amir Szekely, also known as kichik. I’m a programmer living in Israel. Most of my computer time, when not at my workplace, I spend on NSIS, an open-source installer for Windows. I’ve been working on it for over 4 years and it has been quite fun.

I don’t know what type of posts you can expect to find here, only time will tell. I guess it’d include the occasional NSIS techy post, maybe some tips & tricks, some rants of a perfect world, movies, games, who knows… Just in case, I’ve setup a syntax highlighting extension, so I can share some NSIS codes here and there.

Name test
OutFile test.exe
SetOutPath $TEMP
File /oname=test.nsi "${__FILE__}"
Delete $TEMPtest.nsi

Installing this extension and the entire blog was a piece of cake. WordPress is very easy to use, with lots of DHTML and a smooth user-interface. I’m quite impressed. Took me a while to find a nice theme, but MistyLook saved the day.