Implementing Automatic Safe Hands-off Deployment in AWS

One of my clients asked me to implement the solution Clare Liguori of AWS described in Automating safe, hands-off deployments. It’s a very interesting and detailed document describing how Amazon deploys code to production with no human interaction. It describes safe continuous delivery in cloud scale that minimizes developers interaction and failure points. When combined with AWS Well-Architected principals, it shows you the way to build a multi-tenant SaaS product made of multiple services over multiple regions and multiple accounts that follows all best practices, is easy to maintain and easy to develop. AWS provides the principals, but the implementation details vary and depend on the specific product requirements.

In this blog post I will describe how I architected and implemented this solution for one of my clients. They wanted to move their on-premise product to a SaaS offering in the cloud that can scale to millions of transactions a second. A key requirement was being able to easily deploy multiple environments in multiple regions over multiple accounts to accommodate for the security pillar, service limits, and scalability.

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