Lessons Learned from 1TB DynamoDB Import

At camelcamelcamel we have been tracking price points of Amazon products for the past 15 years. All this data was saved into one big MySQL table that is now over 1TB in size. We decided to move it to DynamoDB to save on costs, get better performance, and reduce maintenance complexity. Composite keys where the sort key is the timestamp fit perfectly for our use case. All our queries consistently finish in less than 20ms. One of the slowest queries we had on MySQL was querying a specific product by date. In DynamoDB it is consistently fast with the new composite key of product id for primary key and timestamp for sort key. Those queries no longer affect the entire system either.

The move from MySQL to DynamoDB took a couple of months and we have learned a few important lessons along the way. See below for a summary of our lessons.

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