NSIS Media Remover

I’ve assembled everything I’ve learned the past few weeks about NSIS Media into one simple and effortless application that should completely remove it. NSIS Media Remover removes installed files and registry keys.

  • 93 101 known DLL files installed into the system folder
  • C:Program FilesCommon FilesNSIS folder
  • Firefox nsis.jar extension
  • Many registry keys
    • CLSIDs
    • Shell extensions
    • txtfile context menu handler
    • Overlay icon handlers
    • SoftwareNSISMedia
    • SoftwareIAN
    • Add/Remove entry

NSIS Media Remover is provided without any warranty. Its source code is available in the tool itself. Hit the View Source Code button to get it.

Download NSIS Media Remover

md5:  7778c19e9df725d20a30fe42f425589d
sha1: 9eb42afbf75fd97555cc5260b3d24f33a6dec622

While creating this tool, I’ve found more exciting new facts about this pest. One of which is that apparently, CNET were fooled into serving the downloads on download.com. The installers check to see if the computer belongs to download sites, anti-virus companies and even Cydoor prior to installing the pest.

Update: version 1.1 was released on January 13th, 2007 with 8 more files missed in the original research.

71 thoughts on “NSIS Media Remover

  1. oh my LORD – I COULD KISS YOU!!!

    This has been driving me MAD… hunting, searching, trying this that and the other thing… worried that this nasty thing was going to be the end of my circa 2000, Windows ME computer…
    NOW, I can hobble on a little longer

    by the way, WHAT EXACTLY does this nasty worm actually accomplish/do, other than p’sing me off??
    kichik, if you know, please email me

    you are a computer god and my newest hero

  2. just wanted to say thanks , this crap has been bugging me for the last week , not sure where i got it but hoping your tool will sort it out , thanks again

  3. I know that I am late with this however thank you very much for helping me get rid of the NSIS pest. I t was drivng me crazy until I came upon you remover program. I still run it from time to time just to make sure. Also I stopped downloading anything from download.com

  4. Thanks for the removal tool. Seems to have worked great. Pop-ups have stopped. Just FYI to all, I got infected by installing the Foxie browser extension for Internet Explorer.

  5. Thanks a lot your removal tool worked!

    One question though, will it work with vista business premium? I’m sceptic to use it without checking it with you. Thanks again in advance.

  6. Never tested it on Vista, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t work. And if it doesn’t no harm done, you just get to keep the gem we have all come to know and love.

  7. This program still kicking around in 2009, killed the nasty little thing. Very much appreciated! Thank you Kichik man. woo woo

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