Over a year has passed since the NSIS Media menace. Mostly good things have happened since. I figured this could be a good time to recap and summarize.

  • no longer contains NSIS Media infected downloads. I’ve received no response for my queries, so I assume I had nothing to do with it.
  • NSIS Media malware update servers are no longer operational.
  • I have received only one e-mail complaining about NSIS Media over the last year, compared to the dozens before I’ve released the remover.
  • My remover was downloaded approximately 10,000 times from my website and probably a bit more from other websites as well.
  • My lawsuit has failed miserably. I was trying to get back at Opensoft/Openwares and all of their Vanuatu-based friends with the help of the Software Freedom Law Foundation. We tried to track down someone we could sue, but failed. After a few unanswered queries and answers pointing at multiple directions from various related companies, the search was sadly brought to a halt.
  • I was contacted by F-Secure for details of NSIS Media. I seem to recall there were more companies that asked for my help, but I can’t find the e-mails proving it.
  • Most anti-virus or malware removal applications I’ve tested find only the most common infections of NSIS Media and skip the rarer DLL files.
  • Opensoft is still up to no good.
  • Openwares is still alive and kicking, spreading malware and using NSIS but no sane user will surf to that website.
  • I have received no donations for my research or for creating the remover.
  • I still don’t make 1000$ a day 😦

So there you have it — the story of a deceased malware. I’d like to think I took at least a small part of its demise.

5 thoughts on “Mediacentric

  1. How bout’s i buy you a brewsky when i come back on the 28.

    even 2 if you ask nicely, stop deleting malware start making it you make it sound so much more profitable.

    need something united statesy?

  2. Well, Amir – let me be the first then. Got the NSIS bastard the 6th of February 2008 – got rid of it today and donated a 5’er to you for the help. I know there is still a long way to the thou’ a day, but your work is still very appreciated. Continue the good work and thanks again.
    best regards
    Steen AA

  3. Thanks Steen!
    Do you happen to know how you got infected with NSIS Media? I was under the impression there are no more active infection vectors today.

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