SourceForge tracker and SVN integration

TortoiseSVN and some other Subversion clients have a cool feature for integration with issue trackers. By setting a few properties for a project, you can have automatically generated links to tracked issues directly from SVN commit messages. TortoiseSVN also supports a special input method for issue numbers in commit boxes for easier integration.

The basic property that must be set is bugtraq:url which lets SVN know how to form a URL from an issue number. This is a bit difficult with SourceForge, where there are in fact at least three trackers and each with its own URL scheme including the tracker identifier in the URL. Toying with the URL and removing both group and tracker identifiers results in an error. After playing around some more, I found the following URL that works like a charm for every group and any tracker so there isn’t even a need to figure out the group identifier.

It took me a while to figure out and I couldn’t find any mention of it online, so I thought I’d post it here to help others.

For more information on all of the related properties see TortoiseSVN’s page.

4 thoughts on “SourceForge tracker and SVN integration

  1. Came in handy thanks. Any ideas how to extract a list of issues from sourceforge tracker to import into tortoisesvn?

  2. I haven’t actually tried that, but it seems like you’d need to implement IBugtraqProvider. There’s a project called Gurtle that does this for Google Code. The interesting piece of code is in IssueBrowserDialog.DownloadIssues().

    To actually get the list of issues, you can use XML export – only available to admins, or parse the HTML. I couldn’t find a good RSS feed that doesn’t limit the number of issues and provides enough information.

    The XML export is available from:

  3. Thanks a lot kichik. I’ve been looking for a solution to’s issue tracker linking with TortoiseSVN for a while. Thanks to you I can finally strike this one off of my todo list 🙂

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